Below are questions along with their answers that we get calls about often.  If your question is not answered below, please feel free to call our office at (815) 838-0250.

Where can I go to get a car seat installed/checked?
Contact FF/PM Danielle Fary at to set up car seat check.

How will I know if there is a controlled burn in the area?
If you see smoke, call 911. NEVER assume that it is a controlled burn.

Should I still call 911 even if it’s not an emergency, but I need Fire/EMS personnel assistance?YES. You need to call 911 in order to have someone dispatched to you. We are not able to dispatch Fire/EMS personnel through our office. 

Why does the fire engine show up at an ambulance call?
All of our personnel are paramedics and the engines have the ALS equipment to provide care until the ambulance arrives. Depending on the nature of the call, more personnel may be needed to assist with patient care or moving the patient.

Why did the fire engine go by with lights and siren and then turn them off and turn around?
There are times when we are responding that we receive information that the emergency has been downgraded and either equipment on the scene is handling or we can continue as a non emergency.

Who can I contact in regards to having Firefighters attend a community event?
Please call 815-838-5006 to set up any events.

Do you offer CPR classes?
Yes, we offer CPR classes, click the CPR link for further info.

Where can I get a vehicle sticker if I didn’t revceive one, or I need additional stickers?
The District does not sell vehicle stickers. The Homer Township Professional Firefighters Local 4223 has vehicle stickers available for purchase. Please contact one of the stations for more information. A list of stations and phone numbers are located above under the Stations link.

What is the white light on the traffic signal?
Some of the traffic lights are equipped with sensors to assist us when responding to a call. The flashing white light indicates a vehicle behind or ahead of you has captured the light and should be turning green. A solid white light indicates a vehicle is approaching from the side and the light should turn red. Either way, use caution and look around for emergency vehicles.

Who do I call if I have questions about my medical bills?
Our office does not handle the ambulance billing. Please contact our Billing Service, Andres Medical Billing, with your questions. You can reach them at (847) 577-8811.

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