The Homer Township Fire Protection District is unified and focused on accomplishing its’ mission. OUR Mission ~ Protecting the community with dedication and pride, upholding the highest level of care and service, advocating for every citizen in their time of need with professionalism, respect, and honor, and proudly upholding our values and tradition of making house calls since 1958.

To achieve our mission, we will embrace the community. I view our objective two ways. First to provide the best protection possible to those we have sworn to serve while delivering a service to them that is second to none. Second to address each situation and citizen as we would want our own families to be assisted.  

When the public needs us, no matter what the problem, regardless of the time of day, they call upon us. Even if it’s out of our area of expertise, it doesn’t matter, because we’ll find the appropriate resources to help. We treat people like family with respect, honor, and professionalism. Our mission is to protect and care for people.

To the Officers of the Homer Township Fire Protection District, I commit myself to empowering you and developing your potential as leaders. I believe responsibility must be accompanied by sufficient authority to accomplish our mission. I believe in the principle of delegation and accountability. I will foster an environment of professionalism, respect, and honor. What I expect in return is your focus on our mission and to be responsible for the safety of your crew and the community.

To the firefighters of the Homer Township Fire Protection District, I believe you became firefighters because you wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I commit myself to do all that I can to see that you are properly trained, equipped, supervised and supported. What I expect in return from you is integrity, courage, commitment, and respect, for the Fire District, yourself, each other and the residents of the fire district.

Members of the District your opinion on how we accomplish our mission matters. You are closer to the work than anyone in the organization. If we can successfully draw on your energy, your commitment, and your ideas we will accomplish great things. I pledge to you that we will create an environment where you feel and know you matter.

To the residents of our community, I promise an open and accessible Fire District responsive to your concerns. We will work hard to earn your trust and maintain a partnership while treating you with dignity and respect. Public safety is our top priority. We will continue to explore all sources of revenue to ensure we are being fiscally responsible in providing emergency services. I have confidence that together this community and the Fire District will complete our mission.


Chris Locacius

     Fire Chief